Introduction to Tera Technos Technology
Lithium-ion battery technology

   Smart phones, small IT products and portable electric drills can be driven with the current lithium-ion battery capacity (340mAh/g-375mAh/g).
   There is a need to increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries for ESSs (energy storage systems) or EVs (electric vehicles).
   It is necessary to develop high capacity anode material for intercalation of the Anode lithium.

Anode material SiOx
Changes to maximize the output and life of anode materials

Natural graphite

Artificial graphite

Artificial graphite + SiOx (silicon oxide)

Due to the necessity of an anode material having high output for driving EV, ESS, etc., the anode material used has changed from natural graphite to artificial graphite and then an anode material of artificial graphite with SiOx added.
An anode material that can double the capacity of lithium-ion batteries

   High capacity: Has a theoretical capacity of 1,500 - 2,000 mAh/g
   Innovative material to drive ESS, EV, etc. that require large capacity
   Has mechanical stability
   Has high Li+ conductivity
Commercialization based on transfer of the manufacturing technology of SiOx nanopowders from the Korea Institute of Energy Research

Features of technology

   Technology to maximize the volatility of SiOx with uniform properties
   Precise control of the x-value in SiOx (0.8 - 1.8)
   Capable of manufacturing uniform amorphous SiOx phase
   Capable of ensuring stability by virtue of the buffer effect on a large volume change of Si

Manufacturing System
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